Mattress Brands

Our unique brands, Dutch Craft, King Koil and White Dove, embody our commitment to support smaller manufacturers. The large corporate brands seem determined to sell to every mattress chain store on the block, which engenders a race to the bottom in terms of component quality. (Who will have the lowest-priced Sealy Posturpedic?) You may find the exact mattress name in several different corporate chain stores, but the consumer has no way of knowing the quality of each particular mattress since every chain store is merchandised differently by the large corporate manufacturers.

Since we carry unique brands, the consumer can’t go down the street and find a more cheaply-made version of the same brand, which leaves us free to sell quality mattresses. We choose each mattress based on spec at every price point, giving the customer the best value possible at that price. With John’s 35 years of expertise in the manufacturing sector of this industry, he knows specs. We don’t venture below a benchmark quality. If you want the $399 queen mattress, you’ll have to turn to Sealy, Simmons, and Serta and the big chains that carry cheaply-made mattresses.

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