Our Extended Life bedding line was the result of an exhaustive search for a mattress that is appropriate for adults over 200 pounds. It’s an unfortunate fact that the mattress industry is late to the game when it comes to providing sturdy bedding for today’s larger people.

Fortunately, we found the White Dove company, a 4rd-generation family-owned factory in Cleveland, OH, with a commitment to quality and a line of bedding that was exactly what we were seeking.

White Dove is licensed to manufacture the King Koil Extended Life line of bedding, and the Extended Life bedding line is our best-selling line in the Mattressmax Gallery.

Extended Life bedding is rigorously tested. Instead of using 250-pound rollators during the design phase, 350-pound rollators were used. The number of revolutions was increased accordingly to simulate much more wear and tear on the bed. Hand-tufting keeps the upholstery layers from shifting over the life of the mattress, which is incredibly important with larger people. Comfort layers tend to stretch out under larger folks over time, and hand-tufting minimizes the body impressions and buckling created by this migration of upholstery due to weight.

For more information on this product visit www.kingkoil.com