If you think you want a memory foam bed, you owe it to yourself to try our Oxygen line of bedding. Made by White Dove, our family-owned and operated Cleveland manufacturing facility, these mattresses feature gel-infused high-density memory foam.

One of the distinguishing things about our Oxygen line is the quality of the fabric. Most memory foam beds have a 2-way stretch fabric, ours is 4-way stretch fabric so that when you get off the bed, the fabric snaps back into shape and doesn’t develop uncomfortable wrinkles over time.

Oxygen Altitude and Atmosphere are our best-selling memory foam mattress on our adjustable bed systems.

One of the unfortunate effects of the memory foam “revolution” which has occurred since 1992, is that the term “memory foam” has been dragged down to ever lower price points. There are now “memory foam” mattresses that have as little as a quarter-inch of memory foam in the upholstery layers!

Memory foam is a very soft foam which relies on high density in order to hold up over time. However, we now have mattresses labeled memory foam with very low densities. If you see a memory foam mattress at $899, we suggest you run in the opposite direction. It’s possible to manufacture a sturdy comfortable spring bed at this price, but impossible to make quality high-density memory foams at this price point. Expect to be in the $1700 – $2000 price range for a queen, $2200 – $2800 for a king.

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