Why We Don’t Have Sales

MMAx Interior-3975

We don’t put mattresses on sale, because there’s no earthly reason to do so. Unlike seasonal items, mattresses don’t rot or go out of style. We sell for the same reasonable price 365 days a year, and you’ll find that our prices are competitive with our competition’s “sale” price. As John likes to say, “We don’t mark them up so we can mark them down.”  We suggest you avoid truckload sales, lowest prices of the year sales, inventory sales, blowout sales, President’s Day sales, July 4th sales, etc. Whatever the final marked-down price turns out the be, that’s the value of that mattress. We assure you that the big chain stores are not giving up their profits for you! And their overhead, with managers, distribution centers, multiple trucks, etc, is much higher than our lean, mean operation here at Mattressmax, where we truly make our best effort to stay on top of every detail from sale to final delivery.