Cambridge Collection

The luxurious Cambridge bedding line is White Dove’s signature premium mattress line. White Dove, founded in 1922 by the Goodman family, is a 4th-generation family-run manufacturing company which produces all our best mattresses, including Extended Life and World Luxury.

The Cambridge line of bedding is a complement to our Extended Life bedding. The line includes the Rodeo Ultra-firm, for any customer wanting an extremely firm mattress, as well as the Park Place Pillowtop, for the larger person desiring a softer feel than the Extended Life line offers.

The 1.8-pound upholstery foams used in the Cambridge Elite line are top-drawer high-density foams. Combined with the latex layers, Cambridge Elite creates that synergy of comfort and durability. From a manufacturing standpoint, it is much more difficult to design a softer bed that will hold up to wear (as opposed to a firmer bed).

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