In our humble opinion, the ChiliPad is one of the most brilliant inventions of the century when it comes to sleep. I originally found Chilipads when I was looking for a way to keep my 85-year-old, 105-pound Mother warm. Mom, who has since died, had her ChiliPad for about five years and used to call me up regularly to say, “Oh, thank you, Barbie, I don’t know how I did without it.” This humble mattress pad did more for her sleep than any other single thing she tried, including pharmaceutical sleep aids.

Mom suffered from fibromyalgia, which was exacerbated whenever she wasn’t sleeping well, and the non-drying warmth from this water-heated mattress pad significantly increased not only the length of sleep, but the quality of sleep. She could not use typical electric mattress pads because they were drying to her fragile skin, nor did she want the electrical field of wires next to her body.

We have personally used a ChiliPad for five years now, and we highly recommend them. The cube that holds the distilled water sits next to the bed and circulates water through tiny medical-grade silicone tubing. You can both heat and cool the surface of your mattress. This winter, we have put the thermostat down at night and simply heated the mattress. The cheap price of natural gas notwithstanding, I’m sure we’ve saved more than the price of the mattress pad. Summer brings even more opportunities for energy savings because the air-conditioning temp can be turned up while you still stay cool in bed.

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