Our Dutch Craft line of bedding was introduced to us by an old friend in the industry. When we met the founder of this company, Eli Schmucker, we were immediately impressed with his energy and commitment to his relatively young and growing business. After visiting his factory, and ascertaining the quality of the materials and workmanship, we made the commitment to bring Dutch Craft into our Gallery.

When shopping for a mattress, the customer is always weighing features and benefits. Mattress store owners are tasked with the same job, only at the wholesale level. John Whistler spent 35 years in the manufacturing sector of the bedding industry, so Mattressmax has the added advantage of decades of knowledge behind every model. Each offering on our Gallery floor is chosen with an eye to providing the very best product possible at each price point with regard to mattress components such as spring unit design, foam densities, and fabric durability.

We feature five distinct Dutch Craft lines:

Master Retreat ~ Latex over a floating coil system, also utilizing fabrics that transfer heat easily. These beautifully crafted beds are suitable for people up to 200 pounds due to the longevity of latex upholstery layers.

Paradise ~ Foam core mattresses suitable for adjustable bed bases, firm through soft.

Contur Coil ~ This is what we call “meat and potatoes” bedding, built to withstand nightly use by two adults of reasonable weight. Foam-encased pocketed coils transfer minimal motion between partners, which is essential for a couple on a queen bed.

Comfort Collection ~ Double-sided beds which utilize the same spring unit as the Posture Perfect line. For those who prefer to both flip and rotate their mattresses. This line includes a pillowtop.

Posture Perfect ~ Well-crafted beds suitable for spare rooms, children’s bedding, or slender adults (especially if there is only one person on the mattress). Available in firm and plush.

For more information on this product visit www.sleepdutchcraft.com