Many mattress companies advertise their products as “natural” or “organic”, but few have the actual 3rd-party certifications to back up those claims. Savvy Rest is one of those select few companies. If you are chemically sensitive to petroleum products or volatile organic compounds (airborn chemical molecules), Savvy Rest is a great choice.

A Savvy Rest mattress is comprised of three layers of latex. Each layer is three inches thick, for a total of nine full inches of latex.

Each layer can be either Dunlop or Tallalay latex. Each Dunlop of Tallalay layer comes in a choice of firm, medium or soft. I’d have to go back and brush up on my permutations and combinations from algebra class in order to tell you the full range of possibilities ~ but I’ll have to get back to you on that!

These latex layers are encased in organic cotton quilted to organic wool. The layers are arranged in the proper order and zipped into the case with a heavy duty metal zipper. The top can be removed, hand laundered, air-dried and zipped back on.

Savvy Rest mattresses are excellent for use on adjustable bed bases because of the property of latex to conform to whatever position you put it in. The latex is conforming to you, but it it also conforming to the bed base as you move it up and down. Latex is also one of the most durable comfort layers that can be used in mattress construction, so these mattresses have a long life. The Dunlop latex in particular is an excellent choice for heavier people.

We show four different comfort levels on the Gallery floor, as well as the tallalay topper, which is an option to soften the feel.

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