About Us

Barbara Stewart and John Whistler envisioned Mattressmax as a completely different mattress shopping experience. The mission at Mattressmax is to help you find the comfort and support that enables you to get a deep refreshing sleep, and to help you fully engage in the process of relaxation that mattress selection requires. The mattresses in the Mattressmax Gallery are displayed with plenty of room to get on and off, and are kept impeccably clean. The owners, John Whistler and Barbara Stewart, select the best mattress designs at every price point and sell for the same reasonable price every day of the year. There are no fake “sales” and no pressure to purchase. The Mattressmax Gallery is 4000-sq-ft on one level. Parking is directly in front of the store, and there is a handicap ramp. The Mattressmax Warehouse, at 2000-sq-feet, is located directly underneath the main Mattressmax Gallery.

Barbara Stewart has a BA in Education and worked as a public school teacher. She and John Whistler started Mattressmax in 2006, after their five adult children were launched into life. Sleep research is Barbara’s specialty, and as the marketing director, her goal is to educate the public about the importance of deep quality sleep and the importance of buying from a company invested in giving accurate information about purchasing a mattress.

John Whistler spent a 35-year career in the mattress manufacturing industry before starting Mattressmax. John has the unique perspective of someone who has experienced both the manufacturing and retail side of the mattress business. During his career running large manufacturing operations, he worked for Simmons, Sealy and Englander. The mattress brands John has selected for Mattressmax (White Dove, King Koil, Dutch Craft, and Englander) have all been chosen with an eye to quality components and construction.

We don’t put mattresses on sale, because there’s no earthly reason to do so. Unlike seasonal items, mattresses don’t rot or go out of style. We sell for the same reasonable price 365 days a year, and you’ll find that our prices are competitive with our competition’s “sale” price. As John likes to say, “We don’t mark them up so we can mark them down.”  We suggest you avoid truckload sales, lowest prices of the year sales, inventory sales, blowout sales, President’s Day sales, July 4th sales, etc. Whatever the final marked-down price turns out the be, that’s the value of that mattress. We assure you that the big chain stores are not giving up their profits for you! And their overhead, with managers, distribution centers, multiple trucks, etc, is much higher than our lean, mean operation here at Mattressmax, where we truly make our best effort to stay on top of every detail from sale to final delivery.